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  • Our Mission

    The mission of The Beary Best of C.A.R.E #2 Center is where students explore the world around them and interact with their environment, both in the classroom and in nature. Our program employs love, extending it to each child and family. Our mission is further to serve as a state-of-the-art laboratory school model of early intervention that serves all children, including those who have disabilities.

    Our Philosophy

    All Children, regardless of their varying abilities and backgrounds, deserve to develop in an environment that encourages autonomy and personal responsibility. Children of differing abilities and ages can learn from each other while developing the virtues of care and compassion. The role of the professional in The Beary Best of C.A.R.E #2 Center is to provide this nurturing environment of supportive guidance in which children can learn from their choices and develop to their fullest potential. The role of the family is of primary importance in influencing the child's development. We seek to protect and enhance this role through support and encouragement of family involvement in decision-making and multi-generational care giving.









  • Pre-K Program

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    First Class: Alabama’s Voluntary Pre-K is part of the Office of School Readiness within our department. First Class provides effective, high quality early childhood experiences that prepare Alabama’s children for school success and lifelong learning.

    Office of School Readiness defines school readiness as a condition whereby children enter school with

    • An enthusiasm for learning
    • An ability to function in a social setting
    • Age-appropriate communication and problem solving skills
    • Age-appropriate physical and emotional skills, and
    • Optimal health.

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  • Enrollment Guidelines

    Enrollment is open to children four years old without regards to race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. In fact, we welcome and encourage a multiplicity of students, as we feel that diversity enhances a child's learning and social experience. We believe that each child brings a unique level of ability, gifting, and heritage. All children must be registered and have on file the forms required by the Alabama Department of Human Resources.


    Depending upon space availability, children are typically placed with their age peers. However, we reserve the right to move a child up or down to a more developmentally appropriate class. This decision to move a child would be based on teacher observation and administrative review within the guidelines of best practice for young children.

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